My name is Mihaela Rupnik Cek. I was born on 14th March 1987 in Šempeter pri Novi Gorici. I have a Master’s degree in tourism.

It could be said I was born with a love for tourism. After all, the first people to start with local tourism in the Soča Valley and renting the Bovec apartments to tourists in Bovec where none other than my parents.

My great desire for acquiring knowledge brought me directly to the Slovenian Coast – MORjE. Here I have found my place or more specifically, my little piece of heaven on Earth and thus decided to stay here and start my career and life in the most visited tourist destination in Slovenia. I choose to start my life on a small hill in the green piece of Portorož – Seča, which offers me an amazing view on the sea (Slovenian MORjE) and the Sečovlje Salt Pans.

So the time came for me to continue the family tradition of the BOVEC Holiday House. Almost immediately I started to develop this idea further and create ‘’MORE’’-MORjE… 🙂

With the chosen team of co-workers we have put together different innovative tourist products based on interpretative tour guiding approach. These are perfect for nature lovers and those who love culture. You can rest assured that discovering the beauty of Slovenia with our team is going to be a memorable experience.

‘’Only who does his job with love and passion can truly be happy. If one is happy he can make others happy too, with drawing a smile on their faces and giving them memorable experiences’’


Formal education:

2008 – Organiser of hospitality and tourism operations
High school for hospitality and tourism Bled

The role of Triglav National Park as information centre in the development of tourism in Slovenia

2009 – Title Young hope of Turistica
(among the top 5% in the generation)

2010 – Graduate tourism organiser
study programme: tourism destination management,
Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica, Portorož

Development strategy for tourism in Bovec

2015 – Post-graduate in tourism
study programme: master programme, business – management
Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica, Portorož

Development of multicriteria decision model for choosing the right animation programme for children on the Slovenian Coast.

Thematic adventures along the Slovenian Coast were an added value for my Master’s thesis.

Informal education:

– national professional qualification: tourist animator

– national professional qualification: tourist informator

– certificate: local tourist guide for Slovenian Istria

interpretative guide Interpret Europe

My active lifestyle, various work experiences and study of tourism inspired me with choosing the name for my webpage: www.tourismslovenia.eu and my company:

TourSlove d.o.o., so.p.
BRDO 54,
5230 BOVEC,
VAT: SI82480982



As an elementary school girl I deeply enjoyed taking part in role play at school – especially because of my grandpa’s cousin Ida Kravanja ‘’Ita Rina’’, the first Slovenian actress. During my study at Faculty for Tourism – Turistica. I have gathered numerous job experiences in tourism – especially tourist animation, tourist guiding and organization. In April of 2016 I founded my business company.
Traveling and discovering new places are my biggest passions. In my free time I bike, hike and swim with my family. In December of 2008 I became mom to a beautiful girl Anja and we make sure to spend as much quality time together as possible. In June 2019 I became a mom to my little baby boy Nik with whom I relish spending my time.

I kindly invite you for a coffee or ice-cream in Bovec, at MORjE or anywhere else… 🙂

Feel free to contact me: mihaela@tourismslovenia.eu or +386 40 42 52 62